Gary Osudové setkání

Birth of day: 1.9.2014

Father: Algrazis Magical Black Sabbath Mother: Wanilla z Karlova hrádku Notstud [/column] [column size="4" align="left"] Height: 38 cm Weight: 9 kg Bite: undershot [/column] [column size="4" align="left"] DNA CEA: +/- MDR1: +/+ Exams: ZOP [/column] [ess_grid alias="grid-2"] [row] Gary (Beirut) comes from the kennel Osudové setkání. He was a very beautiful, cute and social puppy.  Gary became Mekky’s friend and Mekky his support. Gary is our cousin, grateful for every caress, very friendly, playful and devoted. He is easygoing, loves children, toys and good treats :-). He is very disciplined and fast and determined in sport.  We are very greateful to be a member of our family :-).


[column align="center"] gary Source: genealogie