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smeckaHistory of Kennel

Our Kennel The Rainbow Garden had been founded in 2016. We are young kennel grounded with love to breed of Shetland Sheepdogs and we hope that our Kennel will start with our auspicious Bagietka Serenczas. Our best wish is to breed pretty and healthy litter of puppies in the family environment. As a future owner of our puppies we will prefer people, who are going to do sports with the dog(s) or they will do dog shows, and we will be ready to support you. Additionally, as we mentioned, we are going to be always family breeder and for us is very important to stay in touch with our puppies and their owners in the future.

About us

On very begging we got know Shetland Sheepdog coincidentally. We had been searching for little buddy for hiking and longer trips. On the web sides we found “little collie” dog and it catch one’s eye. We decided for Sheltie and honestly, that was the best decision. At that time we didn´t know, that one is not enough. They have beautiful character. They are sensitive, friendly with people, conflict-free with another dogs, good companion for trips and as well great for all different kind of sports what we found out later on.

Currently we are owners of three Shelties, we have to males and one female. We like to participate on the dog shows, where Mekky won many of Champions and Bagietka got already nice results from the dog shows. With a Gary we doesn´t have dog shows ambitions however he is handsome dog with really very nice character.

During last three years we tried many different kind of dog sports as flyball, herding sheeps, coursing, agility and obedience. Due to time reasons we had to choose which sport we would like to prefer. We picked obedience, and during couple of months we passed the basic obedience exam and currently we are preparing our self to higher obedience exam level.

Meet and Greet

We took the opportunities to meet other friends with their shelties and collies by Meet and greet which we organize approx. 7 times per year in Brno area. There was already record of 50 attended shelties (that was an event for a dog shelter „Paws on Journey “or we are supporting dogs without a home in general), however average number of shelties by Meet and Greet is approx. 25. It is always pleasure to meet others, meet new faces and spend nice day together.

The best think is that we already meet many of very nice people from all different areas of Czech and with some of them we are spending our vacation together. Shelties are not only dogs, but they are life style.